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Living Life on Purpose

This is LaLa's signature message as she wants everyone to find and awaken their authentic purpose that tends to lie dormant within each us. Not only does LaLa encourage everyone to embrace change and get back on the road to destiny. The interactive exercises will ultimately help you to begin to live a purpose filled life immediately.



Encourage graduates and let them know that they are on the road to destiny and they will be prosperous if they follow the road map designed for them.

Who Am I

Inspire & Encourage individuals to keep going no matter what how hard it seems while finding out who they really are and not giving up.

You Have a Date With Destiny


Inspire and Encourage individuals to walk in their purpose and get back on the "ROAD TO DESTINY." 

Free to Dream Again

Inspire and Encourage individuals when life has become stale and stagnant to wake up their dreams and begin to live life on Purpose once again. 

Purpose for Your Pain

Helping individuals turn off the auto pilot and move from their stagnant place of living and understand why they had to go through what it is that they endured. 

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